Consumer Products

Key Takeaways

  • Oil and natural gas provide the building blocks for products we rely upon daily.
  • Technologies such as smart phones and computers, along with household goods including plastics, rubbers and detergents are made from oil and gas.
  • Natural gas and oil help create medical devices like prosthetic equipment as well as common medicines.

Communication, transportation, food, education, entertainment and more – natural gas and petroleum make our modern lives possible.

Oil and natural gas are the building blocks for millions of products we use every day. This includes durable plastic, medical devices such as prosthesis, medicines like antihistamines, diapers, smart phones, computers and cosmetics. View the numerous products and services derived from just one gallon of oil.

Also, oil and natural gas are essential to modern fertilizers and pesticides that ensure a plentiful supply of affordable and safe food and provide the feedstocks that make modern agriculture possible.

Natural gas and petroleum products not only make the comforts of contemporary life plausible, they also power the future of innovation and technology, utilizing the latest proven technologies in unmanned aerial systems, leak detection and in-line inspection tools.